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Principal's Welcome
Foundation and Primary School
Head Teacher
Upper School
Head Teacher (Curriculum)

Head Teacher (Pastonal)
Our Mission
Our History
School Staff
Kindergarten, Reception & Primary School
Title Name
Principal Mr. Wong Po Ming
Head Teacher Int'l Section Ms. Sandra Wyatt
Head Teacher (Curriculum) Int'l Section Braemar Hill Campus Ms. Nicola Sugden
Kindergarten O Mrs. Sharon Osborne
Kindergarten S Mrs. Ann Marie Sen
Reception E Ms. Ida Elias
Reception R Ms. Alice Ma
Primary 1L Ms. Kwok Mei Li
Primary 1R Mrs. Amirah Riley
Primary 1T Ms. Maggie Tyson
Primary 2L Ms. Lai Fun Liu
Primary 2D Ms. Stephanie Dwyer
Primary 2M Mrs. Irene McKay
Primary 3C Ms. Rebecca Chan
Primary 3G Ms. Elisabeth Go
Primary 3S Mrs. Suman Widge
Primary 4Mac Ms. Gemma MacFarlane
Primary 4S Mr. Alasdair Simpson
Primary 4W Ms. Janice Williams
Primary 5A Mr. Albert Chan
Primary 5C Mrs. Linda Cheung
Primary 5M Mr. Adrian Mason
Primary 6B Mr. Conor Bragge
Primary 6L Mr. Philip Lau
Primary 6M Ms.Megha Lahori
Learning Development Ms. Sara Leung
Mrs. Maggie Tse
Ms. Jenny Ho
Ms. Michelle McEwen
Music Teacher Mrs. Amy Chong
P.E. P1-P6 Mr. Cian McNamara
Ms. Yang Yang
Ms. Tammy Cheung
Ms. Ade Yiu
Ms. Cheryl Zhan
Ms. Summy Wong
Ms. Sharon Dong
Ms. Paddy Chen
Ms. Nancy Kwan
Ms. Sybil Xia

Teacher Assistants

Ms. Nirupa Sokhiya
Mrs. Francine Au
Ms. Helen Lai
Mrs. Sheeja Mavilakandy
Ms. Carrie Yuen
Mrs. Sushweta Mukutmoni
Ms. Katie Chan
Ms. Lili Yap
Ms. Daisy Samtani
Mr. Jason Wong
Ms. Iris Poon
Ms. May Harbutt
Ms. Yennie Darkins
Ms. Johanna Boyle
Ms. Sherifa Leung
Ms. Sheena Tobias

Position   Name
Principal   Mr. Fong Chung Lun
Acting Head Teacher and
IGCSE Coordinator
  Ms. Fiona  Pearson
Deputy Head Teacher and
IB DP Coordinator
EE/SS Ms. Calvin Tse
Key Stage 3 Coordinator   Mr. Martin Appleby
IB DP CAS Coordinator   Ms. Sally Wong
I/GCSE Examination Officer   Ms. Louise Keeping
I/GCSE Administrator   Ms. Sarah Gerlach
Counsellor   Dr. Vinci Ng
English Head of the English Department  Ms. Ophelia  Bou
  Mr. Wade Cox
  Ms. Anastasia Fourik
CAS Ms. Sarah Gerlach
  Ms. Ines Kwai-Pun
TOK / EE/SS Ms. Louise Keeping
  Mr. Edward Medwecki
  Ms. Claire O'Boyle
CAS Mr. John Priest
  Ms. Bobby Wilson
Chinese Head of the Chinese Department  Mr. Limin Chi
  Ms. Beth Li
  Ms. Anita Tsang
TOK Ms. Candy Wu
EE/SS Ms. Monica Xie
CAS Ms. Helen Zhang
Science Head of the Science Department / Physics Dr. Manju Aravind
Biology Ms. Asma Ali
Biology Ms. Sara Bailey
Chemistry / EE/SS Ms. Sun Kyung Lee
Physics Ms. Christine Liang
  Mr. Edward Medwecki
Mathematics and Technology Head of the Mathematics and Technology Department Mr. Amarjeet Singh
ICT Ms. Somporn Bevan
  Mr. Steve Cheung
  Ms. Christine Liang
Design and Technology Mr. Gordon Lee
  Ms. Annie Wong
  Ms. Kit Man Wong
Humanities Head of the Humanities Department / Geography / TOK Mr. Martin Appleby
Global Perspectives Ms. Ophelia Bou
Business Studies, Commerce, Economics and History Ms. Anastasia Fourik
Global Perspectives Ms. Louise Keeping
History Ms. Ines Kwai-Pun
History and Psychology Ms. Samantha Lo
Business Studies and Economics / CAS Mr. Joseph Ngan
Geography Ms. Bobby Wilson
History Mr. Dereck Wong
Aesthetics Head of the Aesthetics Department / Physical Education / CAS  Ms. Sally Wong
Art and Design Ms. Claire O'Boyle
Drama Mr. Wade Cox
Drama and Film Ms. Faith Lawson
Physical Education and CAS Mr. John Priest
Music Mr. Adrian Yeung
Art and Design Mr. Nelson Yee
Title Name
Secretarial Staff Ching Wah Street Campus Ms. Cecilia Lee
  Ms. Anita Lee
Braemar Hill Road Campus Ms. Jacqueline Yip
  Ms. Esther Wat
  Ms. Dora Sun
Librarian Primary Ms. Eileen Lam
Primary Curriculum Administrator   Ms. Amui Lee
Laboratory Technician Secondary Mr. Clifford Wong
IT Technician Braemar Hill Road Campus Ms. Angelyn Wong
  Mr. Carmus Lau