Early Years Foundation Stage


IGCSE at our Through-train International Section

In 2005 we reached the third year of our through-train international school. We had one class in Years 7, 8 and 9. It was time to be starting our first steps towards getting accreditation from the University of London (Edexcel) and University of Cambridge so that our students might be able to sit for their GCSE/IGCSE examinations. We were facing a series of daunting tasks and masses of form filling ensued before our first site inspection could be implemented.

We passed both sets of inspections and received commendations for our security set up to keep confidential examination materials stored. By June 2007 we were ready for our first examinations.

Towards the end of August that year, we received a large envelope from Edexcel containing the results. Out of thirty entries for Mandarin skills we received thirty passes at A* grade. Similar results were there for Science and Mathematics scoring particularly high. Overall our pass rate was 99%. Things boded well for the future.

We cracked the 100% pass rate in 2010. We set ourselves new tasks and targets. Great moments came such as the recognition we received from Cambridge University for the highest levels and marks in Sociology in 2011.

Our school advertises itself as "Your Child's Future Today". This is a promise that has been delivered consistently and spectacularly over the early years. A great pride is felt for all the students, parents and teachers who have taken these early steps together.

The most recent exam results and new subjects undertaken are posted on our school website.

We hope to continue the success in the years to come.

Six Years of the IBO Diploma Programme at our Through-train International School

In May 2007 Kiangsu-Chekiang College International Section, part of the through-train international school, was authorised by the IBO to offer the Diploma Programme. The Diploma Programme (DP), is a two year pre-university course, which has been shown to prepare students well for courses of study at universities.

Our IGCSE classes are a product of the Primary school and the Secondary school, and it can be seen that a continuous flow of academic success, which culminates in our fine DP scores, is the outcome of the hard work carried out in both of the two schools.

Our students have been welcomed by universities worldwide, but more than half of our graduates have been happy to stay in Hong Kong. So our students have shown they can perform well at university level after studying the DP, be it at home or abroad. Therefore our decision taken more than 6 years ago, to apply to be an IBO World School, has been proven to be both wise and visionary.

This initiative to build on the sound foundations of the Primary school, and then to progress through Secondary school has enabled our students to have a degree of continuity and consistency of approach, which is certainly beneficial in enabling our students to move on to university with confidence. Now our system is complete, and students can join us at kindergarten class and stay all the way through to the end of Year 13.

Since the first DP examinations in May 2009, our students performance has been on a continuous upward trend from having a pass rate of 78% in 2009, to the 100% pass rate of 2011 and 2012. So, it can be seen that results have been good and just as the fruit of a tree depends on strong roots, our success owes to the efforts of both our primary and secondary school colleagues.

The DP is the newest part of our through-train school continuum, and although it is in an early stage of implementation, there are signs that it is performing to a very high standard. There are opportunities for improvement in the future, and with a united purpose it is hoped the hard work in the past will have provided a solid foundation on which to build KCIS and KCCIS into one of the outstanding performing World Schools in Hong Kong