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Calendar for 2016-17

Lunch Menu for KCIS (Primary only)

Sept 2016 Menu Ching Wah St Campus for P1
Sept 2016 Menu BraemarHill Rd Campus for P2-6

GCSE / IGCSE Results 2014-2015

This year marks the best academic year with the most brilliant GCSE and IGCSE results achieved by our Year 10 and 11 students. Apart from a commendable 100 % passing rate, almost 66.8 % of our students when compared to 43.9 % last year have achieved the grades A* - A and a remarkable 94.8 % when compared to 82.5 % last year have achieved grades A - C, all of which are significantly higher than the UK average.

Our college has once again proven that exceptional academic achievements at competitive examinations are cultivated from the diligence of both our students and teachers in a conducive teaching and learning environment.

Congratulations to our IGCSE students, teachers and parents who have supported and encouraged your children to achieve these outstanding results this year!


Mr. Clive Theobald

Acting Head Teacher

Ms. Calvin Tse
Deputy Head (Academic)
IGCSE Coordinator 

Mr. Paul Bibby  

IGCSE Exams Officer



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